Continuing professional education (CPE) eligibility FAQs

How do you determine eligibility for CPE credit?

CPE credit is only offered during LIVE webcasts. Archived webcasts are not eligible. To receive CPE credit you must meet all of the minimum eligibility requirements.

  • 60-minute webcast: Participants must remain logged on for a minimum of 50 minutes and respond to 4 or more polling questions = 1 CPE credit
  • 90-minute webcast: Participants must remain logged on for a minimum of 75 minutes and respond to 6 or more polling questions = 1.5 CPE credit
  • 120-minute webcast: Participants must remain logged on for a minimum of 100 minutes and respond to 8 or more polling questions = 2 CPE credit

Can I qualify for CPE credit if I viewed the live webcast in a group setting?

To qualify for CPE in a group setting, please complete the following instructions:

  • One person should log into the webcast.
  • At the conclusion of the webcast, click the "Get CPE Credit/Certificate" button (using the same computer that the person used to register for and view the webcast).
  • *Before* clicking the Submit button, select the number of co-viewers.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Enter in the registration information for each co-viewer and check the "I attest..." box at the top of the screen.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • On the following page, click the Download Certificate link and a certificate will open for each viewer.

How do I print my CPE certificate?

Log on to the relevant webcast archive using the same email address and computer you previously used to register. When you launch the presentation, you will see a button at the bottom of the screen that says "Get CPE Credit". The certificate can be then be printed and/or downloaded and saved to your computer.

I experienced technical difficulties or was detained from watching the webcast and did not answer all of the polling questions. Can I still qualify for CPE credit?

If you do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements during the LIVE webcast you will not qualify for CPE credit. To avoid this situation from happening please review the On24 system set-up & compatibility check in advance of the webcast. There you will also find a list of frequently asked technical questions and answers. You may want to consult your IT department if the technical difficulties persist.

Can I receive CPE credit if I listened to the live webcast via telephone?

CPE credit is only awarded to participants who view the LIVE broadcast and meet the minimum eligibility requirements. You must be logged on to the LIVE broadcast to accumulate the required time and answer the minimum number of polling questions. If you are having audio difficulties you may listen via telephone and simultaneously participate through your computer for CPE.

Can I watch an archived webcast and qualify for CPE credit?

No. CPE credit is only awarded to participants of the LIVE online broadcast.

Where can I download the webcast slides?

If the slides are available for download, you may download them through the webcast console. The webcast console will open 15 minutes prior to the webcast. Once there you will see a link to download slides. If you are looking to download the slides for a previous webcast you may do so by launching the same link used to view the webcast archive. Once there you will see a link to download slides.

Do I have to complete the feedback form in order to receive CPE credit?

You do not have to complete the feedback form to receive CPE credit. You are eligible to print your CPE certificate as soon as you meet the minimum requirements. We want to hear from you. Please do take the time to complete the feedback form. Your feedback is vital to the webcast program. We use your comments to determine future topics of interest, ways to improve the program and when selecting qualified instructors.

How do I access the webcast archive?

Please use the same link you used to view the LIVE broadcast. After entering your information you will be prompted to launch the webcast. Please note that CPE credits will not be offered for viewing the archive.

Additional information

Webcast Technical Help Guide

PwC partner and staff participants may need to obtain CPE credit for some programs using the Course Compliance Documentation Database, which can be accessed via the Learning tab on myKcurve. Select "External / Supplemental Learning".

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