FY13 US Corporate Responsibility Report

May 2014

From delivering nearly 150,000 hours of youth education to providing $14 million in fee waived engagements, we are putting our values into action. Our CR report includes insight into our progress, including:

  • Where we stand
  • Building trust in the marketplace
  • Engaging our people
  • Impacting communities
  • Managing our footprint

By publicly reporting our efforts, we continue to demonstrate transparency and build trust with all our stakeholders, including the capital markets in which we operate. To continue to advance our CR disclosure, we made significant progress in aligning our reporting with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines. The G4 Guidelines, issued in May 2013, represent a substantial step forward, helping organizations focus their reporting on their most material issues.

How are our CR efforts helping to solve important problems?

Watch Changing Lives to learn more

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