US Corporate Responsibility Update 2012

February 2013

PwC’s FY12 update captures highlights of our recent Corporate Responsibility (CR) progress and performance and is intended to be a companion to our more comprehensive FY11 report. As you will read in this update, the engagement of our people is a recurring focus. Through their generous gift of time and skills, PwC can further expand our contribution in the marketplace and the communities in which we live and work.

Highlights from this update include:

  • PwC’s Earn Your Future commits $60 million in cash and 1 million service hours towards youth education
  • 33% of PwC partners report serving on a non profit board
  • PwC's Charitable Foundation grant giving from 2001-2012 totalled $14.2 million
  • In FY12, we adopted a new goal to cut our absolute carbon emissions by an additional 10% by FY16 – totaling a 30% overall reduction
  • Also, we encourage you to read the most recent FY13 CR report.

How are our CR efforts helping to solve important problems?

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