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Keeping career advice flowing virtually during COVID-19

We believe that the stronger our communities are, the stronger our clients and our business can be. And strength in our communities starts with a more resilient and diverse workforce. This is why we’re focused on making tools and our people available to help those most at risk of being left behind gain the skills and resources they need to thrive in a digital world.

Providing career advice through virtual connectivity

At the start of most springs, young people turn their attention to what their next step might be. Many start to ask questions like, “What should I do this summer to help me get a full-time job?” or “What classes should I take next year to help me become a nurse or an engineer?” But as the realities of COVID-19 set in this year, schools were forced to close, and many students—especially those from underserved communities—no longer had direct access to the guidance counselors and mentors who could help guide them.

While the pandemic created a sense of uncertainty for most, through virtual connectivity we are using our experiences and skills to help the next generation prepare to join the workforce by answering questions on platforms like

Virtual career advice COVID

2,600+ PwC volunteers have provided advice on with responses read over 1.3M times

What comes next

A bright spot during this time has been that young people are still thinking about what comes next, despite COVID-19. We’re answering questions like “How can I figure out what career is right for me?”, from a 27-year old single mom about to enroll in college.

We believe our country’s rebound from COVID-19 will be linked to the resilience and preparedness of our collective workforce. As stay-at-home orders went into effect, our people stepped up to help make sure that young people still had access to mentors and support. Twice as many PwC employees participated in virtual volunteering in March 2020 than the same month of the previous year.

“When I first moved to the United States as a teenager, I had many questions about college and potential career opportunities. While I was lucky enough to have great mentors, I look back and wish I had known more. I became involved because I know how hard it can be to find information about an educational or career path. I’ve had the fortune of gaining diverse experiences and knowledge during my career, and I am eager to share what I learned with others.”

Alexandra Grashkina-Hristov, PwC professional

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