Helping to support health equity in underserved communities

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Targeting disparities through health information technology (HIT)

The National Health IT Collaborative for the Underserved (NHIT) is a non-profit organization engaging under-resourced communities in the development and use of health information technology (HIT) as a means to advance and sustain health equity and economic viability. The organization’s vision is to advance health equity and build thriving communities by catalysing the development and use of HIT, or technology-mediated health care with partners spanning the healthcare ecosystem to benefit underserved populations across five pillars: workforce, innovation, policy, research, and communities.

Given the rapid evolution of the HIT and shift to value-based medicine in the US, NHIT leadership recognized the need to renew and enhance their business strategy, evolve the organizations’ structure, and modernize NHIT’s brand perception with healthcare ecosystem stakeholders.

PwC was engaged to help improve NHIT’s ability to execute its mission by enhancing the organization’s business strategy, organizational model, branding, and partnership strategy with non-profit and private foundations, commercial partners, federal and state government agencies aligned with the organization mission.

A new approach to foster sustainability and growth

PwC’s Health Industries Advisory practice led a pro bono engagement to help develop a detailed business sustainability plan for NHIT. The work unfolded in three phases: 1) Assessing the current state of the organization, 2) Developing a new organizational model, and 3) Building a three-year business plan to advance the sustainability of the organization.

The team developed a new organizational structure, budget framework, and business operating model tailored to local market conditions with improved reporting channels and clearly defined roles to foster the sustainability and growth of NHIT.

In the third phase of the project, PwC worked closely with NHIT and their national council of advisors to help develop a three-year business plan that leverages the organization’s current capabilities for near and long-term growth.

Toward a scalable, sustainable organization

The strategic framework developed by PwC is helping to accelerate NHIT’s transition into a scalable, sustainable organization. PwC has helped NHIT secure an intent for funding two timely and compelling initiatives to assist federal agencies: 1) Convening a national workshop with public-private stakeholders to advance priorities in basic and translational science to reduce health disparities, and 2) Developing an enhanced dashboard integrating and visualizing multi-level data on social determinants of health (SDH) to track the dissemination and implementation of culturally and linguistically appropriate services for healthcare.

“PwC’s strategic guidance and technical support has accelerated the NHIT Collaborative's trajectory. In addition to helping NHIT position to mobilize the health technology ecosystem to impact the health of our most vulnerable communities, PwC worked hand-in-hand with the Collaborative to build a coalition and launch the NHIT Care Campaign to aid Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands in the aftermath and devastation of Hurricane Maria.”

Luis Belen Chief Executive Officer, NHIT


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