Our alumni

Our alumni

The support we provide our people does not end when they move on to new opportunities outside of PwC. These staff and partners made valuable contributions to both our culture and our business, and we seek to maintain strong connections with them through our PwC Alumni Network. We provide our alumni with technical training, networking events, and career services, as well as access to firm publications and other resources.

“When I left the firm in 2002 to pursue other opportunities, I remained in touch with my PwC colleagues. Such personal connections are fundamental to the alumni network – and they are what brought me back to PwC ten years later.”

Carol Sawdye, Chief Financial Officer

PwC’s alumni magazine ‘Keyword’

Keyword magazine is the flagship publication of PwC’s Alumni Network and is published semi-annually. Each issue focuses on an industry or theme and highlights the stories, experiences, and insights of our alumni who work in that field. Our alumni pursue a variety of professional and personal paths after PwC; the magazine’s articles are as diverse as the people we feature.