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Financial literacy, including our Earn Your Future® (EYF) curriculum, remains a key component of our Access Your Potential® five-year commitment to help close the opportunity gap by equipping young people from disadvantaged communities with the financial, technology and career-selection skills they need to change the trajectory of their lives. 

The EYF curriculum is composed of easy-to-follow lesson plans accompanied by engaging activities. We created this curriculum to provide students and educators with free and easy access to financial literacy education. We encourage educators to download it, teach it and share it. The modules span grades K–12. 

Module topics include: Saving & Investing, Career Exploration, Planning & Money Management, as well as lessons focused on environmental sustainability.


General documents for all grade levels

Classroom management tips

Linking curricula to the Common Core standards


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Translated curricula in Spanish, Portuguese & French

All of PwC's Earn Your Future financial literacy (with the exception of Tax) and select sustainability modules are available in Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Family and Adult learning modules are available in Spanish.

Please note the translated curricula are updated periodically and may vary slightly from the English version.

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