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What if you could amplify your organization’s impact by finding opportunities to collaborate with others?


Our Commitment to Veterans

On their own, nonprofits serving veterans often have lofty goals to help solve big problems. One million service men and women are expected to leave and transition to civilian life in the next four years. Without access to affordable education, training, and employment assistance, many could become one of more than 453,000 unemployed veterans1. 26% of undergrads receiving veterans’ education benefits also took out federal or private loans, with an average loan amount which was slightly more than for students who never served in the military2. Though national unemployment rates have declined, the reality is that 53% of our post-9/11 veterans enter a period of unemployment upon transition3. The organizations that tackle these issues are our grantees, and they are doing incredible work on their own. But why not find opportunities to do more good work, together?

1Source: Hire Heroes USA; Bureau of Labor Statistics March 2017 ( cannot vouch for the data or analyses derived from these data after the data have been retrieved from
2Source: Los Angeles Times (; Department of Education
3Source: U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

invested as of September 2018


Center for Veteran Transition and Integration

Creating and providing access to the best-in-class tools and programming veterans need as they transition from active service to college and the workforce.

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Dixon Center for Military & Veterans Services

Connecting veterans and military families with what they need for meaningful employment, education, and overall wellness, by providing hiring and training programs on military installations for guaranteed employment upon leaving the service.

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Building a community of high-potential veterans and employers in a supportive learning environment through the Career Readiness Program, which provides a professional development curriculum for veterans.

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Hire Heroes USA

Empowering US military members, veterans, and military spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce, via an enhanced digital platform which connects job seekers with trained Transition Specialists providing a range of personalized services.

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Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, including Career and Technical Education program

Honoring Marines by educating their children.

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Student Veterans of America

Providing military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation.

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Progress highlights

With an ongoing multi-year $10m commitment to reach a total of 200,000 veterans by 2020, the Foundation supports a range of organizations that offer direct services to veterans and/or their children by providing pathways to affordable education and training for diverse careers in growing fields. Uniquely positioned to support collaboration amongst the grantees, the Foundation brought together 15 executives from its portfolio of veterans nonprofits to help answer pressing questions and better serve similar beneficiary groups. Inspired by a conversation at Columbia University, our grantees formed three working groups and found ways to immediately impact their constituencies at our first veterans convening. Some of the collaboration initiatives formed at the convening included:

Customized career readiness program

A group of three nonprofits are now working together to deliver career readiness education. By leveraging the strengths of FourBlock - it will offer its career readiness curriculum - and the Center for Veteran Transition and Integration (CVTI) - it will reproduce the curriculum specifically tailored for the scholarship recipients - 2,300 Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation (MCSF) recipients will gain access to a highly developed career readiness program at a very low cost, while also resolving a gap in their scholarship funding to support recipients beyond graduation.

Capital referral system for entrepreneurs

Bunker Labs and Dixon Center for Military & Veterans Services are devising a referral and collaboration system that allows them to more appropriately identify and direct capital and assistance to those interested in entrepreneurship through Bunker Labs. Similar coordination between Hire Heroes USA and Bunker Labs resulted in a direct referral system for Hire Heroes USA clients who self-identify as wanting to become entrepreneurs. Veterans connected to Bunker Labs who are not a fit for the program will have Hire Heroes training to utilize.

Reaching more leaders and helping guide decisions during transition

Student Veterans of America (SVA) and CVTI identified an opportunity to reproduce the Student Veteran Leadership handbook into various forms of multimedia, like podcasts and videos, in order to reach more student veteran leadership nationally and in a more meaningful way. Furthermore, SVA, CVTI, and FourBlock formed a working group focused on decision guidance. During the convening, it became clear that guiding decisions during a service member’s separation from the military is one of the greatest areas of opportunity to help the transition process. While there are already nonprofits engaged in this area, SVA, CVTI, and FourBlock were interested in discovering opportunities to augment existing tools and resources to add value to the decision guidance process. In the months after the convening, SVA and CVTI collaborated to effectively incorporate decision guidance-focused chapter guides and webinars in their materials, and SVA provided their beneficiaries with referrals to FourBlock and the resources they offer.

“We made this commitment because we wanted to reduce the sacrifice made by families who have already given so much in service to our country – we want them to reach their highest potential. We continue to see a growing need in supporting military families and are driving collaboration with our veteran service grantees to explore increased opportunities for shared learning and to identify synergies for scaled impact. Bringing together our grantees to think about adjacencies between their organizations’ current activities and future ambitions can help uncover a marketplace of opportunities.”

Frank Gaudio, Foundation Trustee and Veterans Liaison

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Charlotte Coker Gibson

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