Responsible Business Leadership

Driven by our purpose and values, we're making an impact in our communities and delivering business value by helping create a more equitable society.

With philanthropy and corporate responsibility as our foundation, we’re evolving the role PwC plays in society. Responsible Business Leadership is a shift in our strategy that acknowledges that doing something good for the world can also be good for business.

Closing the opportunity gap

Growing inequality is an issue that affects our business and our communities more than any other. It puts the United States’ overall economic growth at risk and costs the US nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars a year.1 Underserved communities need greater access to resources and opportunities to thrive. With Responsible Business Leadership, we're harnessing the power of our business to help close this gap so that communities have a chance to reach their potential. As a result, the increased economic activity and more diverse talent in the marketplace will help PwC reach our full potential, while further developing our capabilities by applying our skills in innovative ways.

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1 Skillsmart, 2015. CareerBuilder, 2014.

Access Your Potential®

At PwC, we believe that all students have the potential to be tomorrow’s leaders and tech-driven workforce. Access Your Potential is our $320 million commitment to teach underserved students the tech and money skills they need to change the trajectory of their lives.

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CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™

It's time for the business community to come together and take action to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. For our employees, for our global communities and for our future, we pledge to elevate the conversation, share best practices and provide tools to better understand our unconscious biases.

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Putting our skills to work

By using our business acumen to strengthen the underlying fabric of a community, we can improve educational and economic outcomes. We take a strategic approach to our pro bono work, focusing on projects in healthcare, infrastructure, education and sustainability, where we can put our skills and solutions to use helping communities reach their full potential.

For example, we're strengthening the technology infrastructure of a health care access organization, analyzing K-12 education data and offering performance improvement recommendations and applying innovative data science techniques to better understand how the opportunity gap manifests in zip codes across the United States.

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Our charitable foundation

Powered by the people of PwC

The PwC Charitable Foundation supports our colleagues in times of need and invests in emerging solutions to society’s greatest challenges in education and humanitarianism. Through our strategic grants, we're driving educational change in the US by funding innovative programs that scale access to critical resources and support for underserved populations, providing hardship assistance to the people of PwC, supporting social entrepreneurs, tackling pressing social issues in creative ways and responding with urgency and sensitivity during times of disaster.

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our community of educators, entrepreneurs and others who are disrupting systems, tackling social issues and making positive changes in new ways. 

Our commitments

At PwC, we strive to develop and deliver solutions to the immense challenges faced by society. These include putting our people’s skills to use through pro bono projects, increasing financial literacy and access to education, reducing carbon emissions, making strategic grants through the PwC Charitable Foundation and engaging our employees every step of the way.

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Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer, PwC US

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