Global entertainment and media outlook: 2014 - 2018

US launch

Introduction and Outlook key trends and themes
by Stefanie Kane - Assurance Leader, Entertainment, Media & Communications, PwC

Interview with Marcel Fenez
- Global Entertainment & Media Leader, PwC
by Matthew Garrahan - Media Editor, Financial Times

Interview with Lauren Epshteyn
- Performance Sales Activation, Mobile, Google
by John Swadener - Principal, Entertainment, Media & Communications, PwC

Interview with Bryan Neider
- Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Shared Services, Electronic Arts Labels
by Sean DeWinter - Partner, Entertainment, Media & Communications, PwC

Interview with Mindy Grossman
- Chief Executive Officer, HSN Inc.
by Deborah Bothun - Advisory Leader, Entertainment, Media & Communications, PwC

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US Launch Video Segments: Overview and industry perspectives
We are pleased to present the 15th edition of PwC’s Global entertainment and media outlook. Click here for the agenda.

This year’s key findings focus us on the imperative to create a digital strategy fit for a digital age. Digital success is not just about technology; it’s about applying a digital mindset to build the right behavior. Entertainment and Media businesses looking for future growth are embracing a fusion of disruption, collaboration and innovation. In addition to extensive research and forecasts on 13 segments across 54 countries, the Outlook uncovers 12 topics that bring to life the catalysts for growth that impact companies across all E&M segments.

PwC created infographics to detail Outlook results for the film and music industry as well as TV subscriptions and internet advertising as there are particularly impactful changes occurring in these areas.

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