Acquisition Services

We have the in-house expertise to identify and validate all assumptions that underline your deal.

Deal Strategy Validation

Combining our rigorous analytical and investigative skills with the insight and experience of our strategy consultants, we tell you whether or not a deal-related strategy is credible and supported by detailed knowledge of the business as it becomes available.


Market due diligence

Using a combination of expert market consultants and the unique knowledge we get during due diligence work, we provide a coherent view of the projected performance of the target business. This approach is based on a detailed understanding of the business itself and on an understanding of the competitive position in the market, in which it operates.


Operational Due Diligence

Our experience of deals we have seen is that acquirers quite often underestimate the importance of operations analysis , which is the key to the success of the deal.

That is why we have drawn a particular attention to this kind of activity and have acquired all the necessary industry and consulting experience and the opportunity to solve all related operational tasks.

We rely upon our unparalleled industry and consulting resources to cover virtually any operational issues of relevance to a deal.


Financial Due Diligence

Our expertise in financial due diligence is our heritage and will always be a corner-stone of our deal work. Our prime role is to provide you with the most detailed and complete information about the business you are acquiring, so that you can make a valid investment decision. To do this we also use experts having the largest investigative practice.

Delivering the synergies

A core part of our work is to analyse the value drivers and synergies early on in a deal, continually re-visit them as our knowledge extends during our due diligence, and manage a program to help deliver the projected return on your deal.


The way the deal is done

The deal should be structured in a way to use all its critical components most effectively. We have the top deal structuring experts, covering all the key components of deals: financial, accounting, tax and legal aspects. All our specialists work in one global team, which ensures that they are best placed to optimise state-of-the-art techniques that arise during the work across different jurisdictions.


The transition of ownership

Analysis of deals shows clearly that the basic cause of loss of value in an acquisition is the pace and manner, in which the new business is being integrated into the acquiring group. Our new approach to capital deals explicitly addresses this problem through the accelerated transition methodology.


The Accelerated Transition

This is a service combining operational, financial, human resources and informational capabilities covering the 100 days from announcement or signing of the deal down to the end of the first stage of the integration.

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