Corporate Training


Corporate training solutions are designed for a single company and custom tailored to its unique circumstances. Knowledge gained during the seminar will be enhanced by case studies tailored to the company’s business reality. In addition, corporate seminars give your people a chance to ask questions and discuss solutions relevant to the company. The training promotes teamwork and is an effective teambuilding opportunity.

The PwC Academy can deliver any seminar from our extensive portfolio both in a corporate and in a public format. You can choose the duration, format and location that best suit your needs.

We continuously update and extend our portfolio of training solutions to help our clients be the first to receive the information they need and implement cutting edge business management techniques to be best positioned on the playfield.


Advantages of corporate training solutions:

  • Curriculum tailored to your needs
  • Our experienced team will develop a customised curriculum tailored to your needs

  • Format
  • We offer both classroom tuition (seminars, master classes etc.) and remote tuition (webinars)

  • Subject
  • We offer a wide range of subject areas (finance, accounting, corporate governance, risk management, internal control and internal audit, international professional qualifications) as well as customised training solutions for your business

  • Tutors
  • Our tutors have extensive teaching and practice experience and professional qualifications

PwC Academy corporate trainings
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