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Forensic intern (IT)
Forensic intern (IT)
Forensic intern (IT)

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Our entry level recruitment strategy aims at making ourselves known as the employer of choice.You will work in a culture that demands and respects quality; an environment in which it is fun to work, professional yet informal. We are supportive of each other and work as a team, striving for common goals and building positive relationships with our clients and colleagues. As you discover more about the firm we are confident that the particular distinctiveness of PwC will emerge.

At the start of your career, you will understandably focus on the early years; beyond that your ideas may be fairly vague. We encourage you to look long term and to explore how you may develop professionally. PwC continuing success depends on our staff developing into the future leaders of the firm. We will therefore help you to match your skills and interests to the wide range of career opportunities available with us.

Professional life is not easy. Combining long hours and tight deadlines with further study is challenging and demands commitment. You should already be developing the capacity to set priorities and manage your time. Your academic achievements together with initiative in other activities, vacation work and travel, are all indications of your energy, motivation and independence.

We expect high quality, and in return meeting our standards will give you job satisfaction and the experience to set and achieve your own goals.

The great variety of business situations you encounter will test your attitude and flexibility. Confidence in yourself and your marketing skills will be developed in the PricewaterhouseCoopers' environment - both during initial training and later when others will be increasingly influenced by your example.

Your capacity to build positive working relationships with your colleagues and PwC clients, at all levels, will be central to your progress within the firm.

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