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Be a game changer

Change the perspective. Join PwC and enhance your human difference

PwC aims to be organization of the future. To solve important problems and make an impact, we’re investing in our human difference.

Technology, automation and artificial intelligence are disrupting how we work. In this rapidly changing world, technical capabilities are no longer enough. The skills that make us uniquely human matter most: ambition, insight, flexibility, leadership and relationships.

At PwC, we’re creating a culture that enables our people to achieve more. We’re matching their curiosity with continuous learning opportunities. We’re creating an environment where people and technology thrive together to deliver game-changing solutions.

Join PwC. Be a game changer!

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Game-changing stories

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Join us. Be a game changer!

What does it take to be a game changer?

Ambition means aiming high while having both feet on the ground

We have an ambitious goal to drive change and build trust in the society. We believe we can do this by sharing PwC’s greatest assets – skills, knowledge and talent of our people. Learn more about how we deliver on this ambitious promise.

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Flexibility is about being able to adapt to changing circumstances

We are over 250,000 employees of different backgrounds from 158 countries. We work for over 400 clients from different industries and cultures. We need flexibility to understand diverse industries, work across various teams and adapt to working in new countries and cultures.


Insight is the ability to see beneath the surface of a situation

77% of PwC employees say they can work on challenging assignments. We need insight to work on complex and ambitious projects, finding not just any, but the best solutions. 

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Leadership is about empowering other people to grow

In PwC we create a friendly environment that supports growth and development of people. Our leaders are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping others grow. PwC's collaboration with Coursera – the largest online course platform in the world – is a part of how we do this. PwC was one of the first professional services networks to offer courses on the Coursera platform available to everyone. And, best of all, everyone in the PwC network can take the courses for free.


Relationships are about the ability to collaborate beyond differences

Everything we do and achieve is only possible because of our people- working together to achieve a common purpose: to build trust in society and solve important problems. Our values - act with integrity, make a difference, care, work together and reimagine the possible - underpin everything we do.



Our game-changing impact changes the world


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