Total Retail Survey 2017

With the need to transform more acute than ever, the time is now for retailers to decide what their future looks like.

  • 24,000

    shoppers surveyed in 29 territories

  • 56%

    shop at

  • 47%

    own or intend to own a wearable device

  • 39%

    say that social networks provide their main inspiration for purchases

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How do PwC professionals view some of the most significant trends emerging out of our research?

Things are transforming faster than ever when it comes to shopping on, mobile purchasing, and the degree to which consumers are seeking healthcare solutions at retailers. Watch these videos to learn more.

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Consumers around the world love Amazon, a fact that's fundamentally changing their shopping behaviors.


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Mobile purchasing

More and more, shoppers around the world are choosing their mobile device over the pc and tablet.


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Healthcare solutions

While retail footprints are poised to shrink, the opportunity to provide healthcare services may give a shot of adrenaline to the physical store.

Data supporting usage of shopping channels over time

A closer look at the data supporting our 10 retailer investments for Total Retail 2017…


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How do consumers shop? That depends on what they’re shopping for.

Not every retail category is created equal in the eyes of online shoppers. Click the explore button below to understand how online shoppers around the world shop in that particular product category.


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