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Many companies still don’t have a DPO or a team dedicated to data privacy tasks.

Despite being an explicit regulatory requirement, 60% of responding companies haven’t yet appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) responsible for privacy in their organisation. And almost 1/3 of respondents said they still don’t have a team dedicated to data privacy tasks.

Because of limited in-house data privacy resources and challenges with PDPA implementation and interpretation, most companies (74%) reported they’ve engaged or plan to engage external support for their compliance efforts. This is also supported by the survey results, in which 26% said that hiring consultants was the second largest component of their PDPA budget.


  • Has your company appointed a Data Protection Officer?
  • In your company, how many employees are dedicated tasks related to data privacy?
  • What is your company’s approach to implementing PDPA-related work?
  • What is the largest component in your PDPA implementation budget?

Source: PwC Thailand’s PDPA survey 2020

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