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Companies aren’t close to completing PDPA preparations in certain areas.

Our survey revealed that companies are furthest from completing PDPA preparations and implementation efforts in these four areas:

  • assessing their data protection security measures
  • assessing their personal data privacy risks
  • managing their data subject rights
  • preparing their data inventory.


  • Has your company prepared a privacy notice or privacy policy and posted it on the company's website?
  • Has your company defined its approach and method for obtaining consent from data subjects?
  • How do you make sure your critical third parties are compliant with the PDPA?
  • Does your company have procedures regarding personal data breach management?
  • Has your company prepared a 'Data inventory' or 'Record of personal data processing' based on PDPA requirements?
  • Does your company have a process in place to accept and fulfil data subject rights requests?
  • Does your company have a process to conduct a data privacy risk assessment for personal data processing activities?
  • Has your company conducted a data protection measure analysis of its data?

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