Talent mobility: 2020 and beyond

The business world is in the midst of fundamental change and in the next decade the ability of organisations to manage their global talent efficiently will mark the difference between success and failure.

We’re facing a world where the best and brightest talent are prepared to follow their own agenda and opportunities, wherever they may be and irrespective of who is offering them. It’s a world where the strongest and most sustainable supply of talent is in the East, rather than the West, and a world where technology has changed the very way we work. Economic transformation and demographic changes have already had an impact on talent supply and demand. The emergence of a new generation of workers presents an entirely new set of challenges. Talent management will become a key strategic tool, which places great responsibility on the shoulders of HR.

Is HR up to the challenge?

Infographic: Modern mobility - The next decade in a globally connected world

Talent mobility

A conversation about global talent mobility

PwC's Peter Clarke, Carol Stubbings and Eileen Mullaney discuss how today’s businesses are adopting new approaches to global talent mobility


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