Realigning Business, Economies and Society

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Today’s economic and political upheavals reflect an ongoing misalignment between businesses and economies on the one hand, and acceptable societal outcomes on the other.

Too many people feel they are being left behind by a system unfairly stacked against them. Many people now see themselves as worse off than their parents. They believe their children’s future will be worse than their own, often with good reason. 

No matter what your own political perspective, this is clearly a time of fundamental loss of confidence: in the reliability and impact of economic growth, the institutions of our interconnected world (and the trust people have in them), and the apparent ability of government, business and civil society to respond.

How have we gotten here and what can we do to adjust our course? We examine the key drivers of change to contribute to discussion and debate about how to bring business, economies and societies back into greater alignment.  

We need to adjust our course to realign business, economies and society

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