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Slovak CEOs see the need for improvement in law enforcement and education system in Slovakia

CEOs in Slovak companies expressed how they see the growth of their companies over the coming years and which factors threaten the future of their business in Slovak CEO Survey 2016 conducted by PwC and Forbes.

Slovak and Czech companies use digital technologies to control costs and processes, but underestimate their importance for key business activities – to win customers and attract talent

This is a key finding of PwC’s Digital IQ 2015 survey. The survey examines how top managers control and manage investments in digital technologies so that they contribute to the sustainable development of companies. The study analysed 25 factors, and almost 2,000 executive directors from 51 countries shared their opinions and experience.

Geopolitical threats rise as CEO’s global growth confidence falls

Findings from PwC’s Annual Global CEO survey show only slightly more than a third (35%) are very confident of their own company growth in the coming year, down four points on last year (39%), and even one point below 2013.