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Seize the opportunities of the new normal!

Analog processes are rapidly transferring to the virtual world, many of them for the first time. What was new to us during the crisis, will become the new norm. Customers will expect virtual solutions and companies which are prepared will have the advantage. Change, efficiency and speed is in our DNA. We believe with our experience in new process implementation and cybersecurity, we have the specific combination of skills to help you seize the opportunities of “the new normal”.

We will evaluate business processes to:

  • Identify bottlenecks, and inefficiencies related to remote work.
  • Determine which processes are more efficient when done online, and which positions can be efficient when stationed remotely.

We will recommend and plan how to most efficiently digitize your world: for example, with the use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

The transition to remote work had to be done very quickly.

  • We will carry out a cybersecurity risk assessment and advise how to mitigate the risks which may exist following the rapid transfer to the virtual world
  • We will assess whether your current cybersecurity measures are sufficient, or unnecessarily complex
  • We will efficiently train your emplpoyees on the new adopted security measures and in the use of new technologies.


  • How does the digitalization of processes impact how you process personal data?
  • We have developed a number of automated tools to help companies address personal data compliance requirements.

We will perform supplier inspections to determine whether your suppliers:

  • Comply with contracted prices and other conditions of long-term contracts
  • Maintain the contracted quality of services or production
  • Continue to address and manage all areas of risk which you have outsourced.

Data privacy and supplier inspections
Marek Frecer
Senior Manager
Tel: +421 915 998 429

Digitalization, automation and RPA
Martin Srnka
Senior Manager
Tel: +421 902 953 854

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