SSC Survey 2014: Moving towards Centres of Excellence


The purpose of our survey is to find and document the best practices in establishing and managing shared service centres and provide the SSC leaders with a useful benchmarking tool together with a view on different phases of the development of SSCs in Slovakia and globally.

Our survey shows that Czech and Slovak SSCs are moving “up the value curve” and are offering higher value for their organisations. The clear aim of most Czech and Slovak SSCs is to become the first choice advisor to businesses for the operations in their scope. The PwC SSC maturity assessment model confirms that respondents overall focus their main attention towards achieving higher quality and faster service for their customers and are contributing significantly to the success of their companies and the local economies.

About the survey

  • 29 participants
  • from 2 countries
  • up to 3,000 employees in the biggest SSC
  • representing 5 industry sectors
  • 3/4 of them in the 3 main SSC hubs – Prague, Bratislava and Brno
  • most SSCs were established between 2005 and 2007


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Mariana Butkovská

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Iveta Malíšková

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