Insurance Banana Skins 2015

The survey was conducted between March and April 2015, and is based on 806 responses from 54 countries. Nearly two thirds of the respondents were from the primary insurance industry. There were also contributions from the reinsurance and broking sectors, and non-practitioners such as regulators, consultants, analysts and professional services.


  • Regulation tops the list of external risks for the third consecutive edition of the survey.
  • Respondents noted that the industry is better prepared than previous years to manage risks.
  • One of the most striking issues insurers are worried is about the cyber risk, specifically software failure and data security.

Top global risks

  1. Regulation (maintains its 2011 and 2013 position as the number one risk).
  2. Macro-economy (from 3rd position in 2013).
  3. Interest rates (rank for the first time).
  4. Cyber risk (rank for the first time).
  5. Investment performance (from 2nd position in 2013).

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