Global CEO Survey 2015


PwC conducts the survey among the world’s business leaders already for 18 years and the findings are presented at the World Economic Forum in January in Davos. The aim of our survey is to find out how CEOs view prospects for business environment. The findings are the centre of interest of business leaders and the media.

Key findings

  • CEOs less optimistic about global economy for 2015
  • Despite the overall declining outlook for the global economy, CEOs remain confident about prospects for their own company
  • A third of CEOs worldwide say their company has recently entered or considered entering one or more new industries in the last three years, and more than half believe that organisations will increasingly compete in new sectors in the next three years
  • Mobile technologies are seen by 81% of CEOs as most important to their company
  • Half of CEOs around the world say they will increase their headcount over the next 12 months

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