Slovak CEO Survey 2015: Redefining the way of competing

One of the key messages arising from our recent CEO survey is cooperation and collaborative partnerships. It's a trend that we witness in the world as well as in Slovakia. Companies have begun to realise that their energy should be focused primarily on those areas where there are good at and where they are the top performers. They are supporting the non-core parts of their business through partnerships with various groups of business.

It is also fascinating to watch the ‘disruptors’ and their impact on traditional industries. As we see a continual fierce fight for customers whose behaviour in today's digital age is changing dramatically, the traditional business models are changing as well. Innovation and the desire for growth are driving companies into sectors they previously did not operate in.

Another key topic is technology. Organisations realise, that digital advance is unstoppable and that it relates to all players in all markets. Therefore, it is essential to keep pace with it.

What are our key findings in the 2015 edition of the Survey?

  • 80% of CEOs expect their revenues to grow next year.
  • Compared to last year, three-times more CEOs think that the global economic situation will deteriorate.
  • More than quarter of CEOs stated that in recent years their firms have started business in a new sector.
  • Two-thirds of CEOs believe that higher operating efficiency is one of three mayor benefits of digital technologies.

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