Advisory services and Controlling services

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Compensation and Benefits


Would you like a tool that will assist you in human capital management? Are you interested in trends in personnel policy and strategy?

The interactive PayWell study – a tool for remuneration planning – gives a current overview of remuneration on the market, including information and trends relating to HR policy and strategy.

HR Controlling

HR Controlling is a regular survey conducted by PwC that analyses key HR management indicators. It allows the link between the effectiveness of the HR management system, the company’s financial results, and its overall productivity to be monitored.

Job Mapping & Job Grading

Are your employees complaining about internal fairness at your company?

A key task undertaken by companies is a review of the job specifications within departments or the whole organization. This is mostly done when companies grow or change and need to establish internal fairness by creating or redesigning a transparent remuneration system.

Remuneration system design

Are employees leaving you?

The main goal of a remuneration system is to support the company strategy. This system also needs to consider current company conditions and culture. The guiding principles are a set of rules and requirements which are set at the beginning of system design. These principles help us to make sure that the most important inputs and client requests are considered during the system design.

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Talent management

Assessment centers & Development centers

Do you need an objective, tailor-made assessment for your employees?

Our clients contact us when they need a tailor-made, reliable and focused assessment of the organisation’s key talent, particularly when they want to hire a new employee or promote someone internally.

Employee satisfaction survey

Do you know what your employees think of your company?

Feedback is important. Whether you order goods online or eat in a restaurant, the business owner needs to know how satisfied or dissatisfied you were so he can improve. The same applies to companies and their employees.

360 degree surveys

Giving objective feedback on performance

If you use the right method, feedback can be a very powerful and motivating tool for your employees.

Key talent identification and succession planning

Do talented employees at your company deserve special treatment?

Today, it is essential for companies to identify talented people. Why? Because they are the successors with the potential to manage and lead your company in the future.

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Operations improvement

Performance management

Do your employees perform well?

Each generation of employees is different. The era of highly productive baby boomers is gone and Generation X are slowly but surely leaving the job market. Millennials are taking their place soon to be followed by the even younger Generation Z.

Workforce planning

Do you have the right methods to plan your workforce’s future?

Companies need to plan and develop a strategy for their workforce in the future. We offer our clients a specific tool and our experience and knowledge in the HR area.

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Investor support

Why do new investors seek our assistance?

We offer selected services in Human Resources, including:

  • Review of salary benchmarks, individual levels of salaries based on positions and regions
  • Overview of level and structure of variable pay, market practices
  • Review of employee’s benefits, standards and extra bonuses
  • Overview of the Slovak job market, individual industries and regions, level of employment and turnover
  • Key performance indicators used in HR Controlling for individual HR areas
  • Creating basic policies for human resources management
  • Employee contract creation
  • Support with strategy formation for recruitment and training of new employees
  • Executive search of Human Resources Managers

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HR review

HR Audit

What role does your HR department play?

We are in an era where HR is no longer just a support department and trends show that it is essential that HR becomes a real strategic partner for business.

HR Due Diligence

Have you identified financial risks associated with HR when undertaking an acquisition?

It would be shortsighted to focus only on financial risks. The assessment of management talent and the navigation of human resource transition challenges drives the success and economics of the portfolio company during private equity ownership, and are therefore instrumental in maximizing the buyer's return on investment. 

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