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Creating added value and identifying opportunities to improve the financial performance of a company is one of the main goals of the finance department today. The shift from traditional support functions in the role of key partner allows the finance department to minimise the time spent processing standard transactional information and reporting, and also the pursuit of activities with higher value added, such as support for management decision-making processes, security, business rules and financial discipline. Despite the important role of the financial sector in the company, the financial director faces increasing pressure for higher efficiency of the functioning of the body while maintaining the requirements for efficient and flexible financial management.

Savings in the departments of finance arise mostly from the elimination of redundant activities, consolidation of activities (e.g. through the creation of shared service centres) and the standardisation and automation of processes. The organisation's financial directors oversee the effectiveness of planning, forecasting and investment management. In these areas, we can help you achieve more than 50% cost savings.

How we can help

  • Introduction of cost allocation procedures based on Activity Based Costing 
  • Liquidity Management
  • Evaluation of reporting processes, together with improvement propositions and their implementation
  • The implementation of the fast and efficient reporting process "Smart Close"
  • Streamlining of financial processes while maintaining the necessary controls with no limitations to the company’s operations
  • Advice on efficiency assessment of a shared services centre (SSC) and outsourcing of activities
  • Advice on solving specific accounting issues and the implementation of new accounting standards and regulations

Contact us

Eva Hupková

Eva Hupková

Director, The Academy Leader, PwC Slovakia

Tel: +421 2 59350 414

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