Approval process of an application for research and development investment incentives

Step 1:

Filing the application for incentives (project) with the Slovak Ministry of Education prior to commencement of work on the project  

Step 2:

The Slovak Ministry of Education will provide for a professional evaluation of the project (two standpoints) within three months after accepting the application for incentives;/td>  

Step 3:

The Slovak Ministry of Education issues a decision on granting the incentives to the project, if the amount of incentives does not exceed EUR 2 million  

Step 4:

If the amount of the incentives exceeds EUR 2 million, the Slovak government must approve the incentives  

Step 5:

For projects exceeding the notification limit, granting the incentives is subject to approval by the European Commission  

Step 6:

Implementation agreements for cash subsidies with the Slovak Ministry of Economy  

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