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A large pool of European Union funds is available to the public and private sectors for the period of 2014 to 2020. Our Slovak EU Funds Services team can offer you professional consulting services tailored to your particular needs. This is a crucial field, which might enable you to implement your investment with significantly lower costs or to realize extensive investments by utilizing the possibilities available from EU funds. Our EU Funds Services team offers a wide range of assistance to both the private and public sectors.

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Identification and review of grant opportunities
• You want to make an investment, implement or develop new machinery and technology, or train people for the lowest possible cost, or you have an investment project exceeding your available financial sources.  • We can identify and assess your opportunities for    being granted EU funds for your project.
Preparation of the project and grant application(s)
• Your investment project appears to qualify for EU funds, but you need assistance with the preparation phase of the project, cost-benefit analysis, project financing or tender applications, as well as with public procurement procedures and dealing with the respective authorities. • We can provide assistance with preparing the business plan and meeting the legal requirements, as well as with preparing the application package of documents for investment support.
EU funds project management
• You were awarded EU funds, and you want to carry out the project in compliance with the legal requirements. • We can help you with managing the aid you receive, and with successfully carrying out the project in compliance with all conditions and EU regulations.
Monitoring and reporting
• You were awarded EU funds and have reporting responsibilities to Slovak and EU authorities. • We can provide you with our assistance with audits and reports regarding eligible expenditures and activities.

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