Business Service Centres on the Slovak and Czech markets are set to grow

Business Service Centres: Top Performance Drivers

Major drivers of changes in the BSC sector - Key data and trends

Service centres on the Slovak and Czech markets are set to grow. Growth in FTE numbers is planned, as is the variety of services and customers. Growth is also expected outside existing porfolio of BSCs.
The major focus is on improving the quality of currently provided services and the creation of capacity within
existing structures for new initiatives without losing key staff.
Centres are looking to evolve into Global Business Services (GBS) providers by offering integrated demand,
service management and global governance on a common infrastructure.
Strategic priorities





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To meet customer requirements as regards quality and costs, most centres have set up their own
continuous improvement programs. In most cases, this leads to significant process improvements.
However, there is still room for further optimisation of existing processes.
Centres have adopted a variety of methods to reach their goals, and decentralised their process
improvement teams to give more responsibility to individual departments. There is still a large number of
centres which, for various reasons, are not concentrating on structured, programmed improvement initiatives.
Opportunities for improvements are visible in areas such as automation.
Digitisation is a strong enhancer of service quality. An area of focus is robotic automation, which achieves a high
level of automation for transactional processes.



The future of process automation
From a global perspective, we see increasing interest in rule-based automation at BSCs. RPA allows full automation of highly rule-based processing by adding specific automation tools. While rule-based automation is now becoming part of the BSC landscape, the development of the next level of automation is already in progress. Artificial intelligence will enable the integration of tools at BSCs so that more complex and sophisticated activities can be automated.
Key drivers of process automation 
The main reasons companies automate their processes have changed over the past two years according to our Survey. Although process automation increases quality outcomes (by decreasing the error rate, decreasing the length of processes, and increasing the overall customer satisfaction index), BSCs identified that cost reduction is one of the main reasons for pursuing an automation strategy. This is followed by the wish to offer a higher service quality and process standardisation.



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The biggest challenge for centres when expanding is the availability of skilled labour. This mirrors the situation
on the labour market as a whole. Centres also face challenges as regards middle management positions due to a
lack of leadership skills.
Training courses are offered at most of the centres to address the skill gaps and centres are actively dealing with
the above issues using various initiatives and by fine tuning their HR strategy.
Middle management leadership skills
According to the survey results, leadership skills at the middle management level is one of the top people
management challenges. Centres in Slovakia did not see an extensive challenge in any of the stated areas apart
from missing leadership skills (which had the highest result of 3.43). Czech centres consider that all areas of
people management need improvement.
biggest challenges



About the Survey
The Survey was conducted by PwC in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. BSCs replied via an on-line questionnaire, or in person at an interview.
This report looks at the key findings in the BSC sector and gives a comprehensive analysis of the business model. It provides an assessment of the 2016 results, key factors and an outlook for the future. This was the 3rd survey of BSCs conducted by PwC (2012, 2014, 2016).



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