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As a Firm, we're always on the look-out for more talented individuals to join us. And, as you have worked for PwC and know the kind of experience and values we consider to be important, you're best placed to help us find these individuals from among your network of friends, family and former colleagues.

The PwC Slovakia Employee Referral Program (ERP) is a chance for all current PwC staff and for all Alumni Club registered members to introduce someone new to the Firm and earn themselves a referral bonus.

How does it work for Alumni Club members?

To be eligible for your referral bonus, the referral must be made online following the process below:

  • Either: Go to PwC Kariera and search for a suitable position. When you've found one, click the "email this job to a friend" button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.
  • Or: Point the individual you'd like to refer to PwC Kariera and ask them to apply for a suitable job.

When an applicant is submitting their details, they'll need to enter your email address as the person who has referred them. You'll get an email asking you to confirm that you are referring the candidate. In the email, you will also be invited to provide us with your comments that help in our recruitment decision. Your comments are necessary to make you qualified for a referral bonus.

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What is a referral worth?

If eligible, you'll receive a bonus for a successful referral. The reward you receive will vary. It all comes down to the categories:

  • Joiners in category A will earn you 350 EUR
  • Joiners in category B will earn you 750 EUR
  • Joiners in category C will earn you 1250 EUR
  • Joiners in category D will earn you a variable amount based on your service line leaders discretion but which not be lower than category C

When opening position, PwC will always indicate the referral bonus category.

  • Category A - Administration with relevant experience (receptionist, secretary, client admin etc.)
  • Category B - Associate/Consultant
  • Category C - Senior/Assistant Manager/ Senior Consultant and above position
  • Category D - High priority positions - published on intranet and marked as High priority

Direct graduates positions (A1, C1), High school leavers, Candidates submitted through agencies before the employee referral and Ex - PwC employees who left the Firm within the last 6 months are not subject to this referral bonus scheme.
The position for which you can get the referral bonus must be planned for an indefinite period or at least for 1 year (not temporary positions in the company, e.g. telemarketing part - timers).

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How and when will the bonus be paid?

The bonus will be paid to a bank account you provide us five months after the referee has joined the Firm. To qualify for the payment, the referrer must be a registered Alumni Club member and the referee must still be with the Firm and have not given or received any termination notices at the date of payment.

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Information & queries

Please note that this information is only intended to give an overview of the program. For full terms and conditions or any queries you may have relating to the program, please contact Helena Ševelová in our Recruitment team on +421 2 59350 141.

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