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Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

The Academy in Slovakia acts as the CIPD Centre of Excellence for other Academies in the CEE region. Currently, we offer the following study programmes:

CIPD - The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is an internationally recognised professional body for HR and people development. Through their expertise, research and more than 100 years of experience they act as a real leader and knowledge hub for building the ability to lead people in the business. 

Unique portfolio of Business Skills Courses

  • Topics based on the requirements of the largest employers in the Slovak market
  • Blended study structure
  • Innovative content
  • Regular follow-up and progress monitoring
  • Enables students to practice the acquired skills in the workplace during the course of study

Being business advisers, we know a lot about doing business, therefore we focus on topics which are truly relevant for business:

  • Management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills

Soft skills courses delivered by the Shaolin monks

Shaolin courses, brought to Slovakia by the PwC's Academy, obtained a great success, which has exceeded even our expectations. Last year more than 50 top managers, led by the monks from the Shaolin Temple Europe, learnt how to resolve conflicts, manage stress or how to deal with uncertainty.

More than 15 centuries old techniques work well even today, so in 2016 we have prepared  following topics for you:

  • Self-Empowerment the Shaolin way
  • Shaolin Conflict Management
  • Stress Management the Shaolin way
  • Dealing with uncertainty the Shaolin way

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