FIA Study Structure Options


The Academy considers FIA to be a system of long-term educational process. Therefore we have designed the entire curriculum to last 18 - 24 months). Based on our experience, we propose three recommended ways to passing FIA:

  • Step by Step this route assumes full completion of all 7 exams of FIA qualifications. It is mostly suitable for junior accountants without any relevant experience and education, who has been with the company for a short time.
  • Convenience – entry into the system is at the intermediate level and course is prolonged for one training day. This level is suitable for more advanced accounting positions of university graduates without experience.
  • Speed Route – beginning of studies is at the Diploma level, quick formal recognition of the qualification, suitable for experienced employees or as a motivation for key talents. Option to proceed to full ACCA Qualification.

The following table shows the duration of the course in days depending on the chosen study structure:

Module Step by Step Convenience Speed Route
FA1 2 n/a n/a
MA1 2 n/a n/a
FA2 3 3 n/a
MA2 3 3 n/a
FAB 4 4 4
FFA 5 5 5
FMA 5 5 5

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