Advantages of FIA studies for the employer

Talent development

The FIA will help your organisation reach new talent pools in the labour market, such as school leavers and career changers, and enable you to identify the key talents within the company.


An internationally recognised professional qualification will send a positive signal to prospective employees, and the modular system of the FIA enables the design of a specific curriculum for different employees or job roles.

Cost control

It is neither necessary nor efficient to have qualified professional accountants within all financial positions in the company. The FIA helps you to optimise costs and achieve better and earlier returns on training investments and to develop specific skills necessary to perform a specific function, in particular for junior positions.

Development of essential finance skills across the organisation

Non-financial managers must have a good grounding in finance and accounting techniques in order to make effective business decisions – the FIA can provide this.

Professionalism and ethics

Part of the FIA study is to complete the ethics module called Foundation in Professionalism, which will ensure that your staff demonstrate professional behaviour towards clients and respect a code of ethics in the workplace.

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