The CIMA Qualification for Lawyers

CIMA - The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

CIMA is the world's largest professional body of management accountants, offering the most relevant finance qualification for business in both the public and private sectors.

Why CIMA for lawyers?

Lawyers play a significant role in the world of finance, but often lack the knowledge to understand financial issues thoroughly. The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting qualification aims to fill this knowledge gap by providing legal professionals with a solid comprehension to enable them to understand more fully the financial decision-making of their corporate clients, accountants or bankers. It is a recognised qualification in its own right and represents an excellent opportunity for continuous professional development for those who wish to build an understanding of finance for business, while also offering the opportunity to progress their career.

The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting - your entry into the world of finance

Entry into the Certificate in Business Accounting is open to all members of the Slovak Bar Association, regardless of your financial knowledge. The Academy has agreed with the CIMA to offer lawyers in Slovakia a tailored study programme with some additional benefits:

  • On entering, members will be exempted from one of the five modules – Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law and no exemption fee will be charged.
  • Students will pay no annual fee for 15 months.
  • All administration and CIMA fees processing is handled by the Academy free of charge.

CIMA - Computer Based Assessment

All assessments for the Certificate in Business Accounting are exclusively taken via computer and consist of 45 - 75 questions.  Each assessment runs for two hours and the pass mark is 50%. The main advantages of computer based assessment are that you:

  • have the opportunity to sit assessments at our accredited  Pearson VUE centre in Bratislava;
  • can sit assessments, and if necessary re-sit assessments, whenever you are ready, at any time during the year;
  • gain instant results and performance feedback.

CO1 Fundamentals of Management Accounting

  • Cost determination
  • Cost behaviour and breakeven analysis
  • Standard costing
  • Costing and accounting systems
  • Financial planning and control

C02 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

  • Conceptual and regulatory framework
  • Accounting systems
  • Control of accounting systems
  • Preparation of accounts for single entities

C03 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics

  • Basic mathematics
  • Probability
  • Summarising and analysing data
  • Inter-relationships between variables
  • Forecasting
  • Financial mathematics
  • Spreadsheets

C04 Fundamentals of Business Economics

  • The goals and decisions of organisations
  • The market system and the competitive process
  • The financial system
  • The macroeconomic context of business

C05 Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law

  • Ethics and business
  • Ethical conflict
  • Corporate governance
  • Comparison of English law with alternative legal systems
  • The law of contract
  • The law of employment
  • Company administration and finance

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