Feeding Ten Billion: Building a robust food security strategy

By 2050, the global population will be 35% larger than today - reaching almost 10 billion. Of even greater significance is the upsurge in the global middle class, with economic development shifting diets from simple grains towards more resource intensive animal proteins. As a result, global food production will need to double. Yet, we are experiencing an increasing scarcity of four crucial resources - land, labour, water and energy.

Importantly, the necessary improvements in supply will not be achieved under the current status quo. A way must be found to produce more food from less resources.

In response to the global food security challenge that we are now facing, PwC aims to discuss strategic areas of focus that can help accelerate solutions in our 'Feeding Ten Billion' series. This paper highlights how governments, as well as the private sector, can begin by mapping out a food security strategy. 

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