Game of Threats™

Are you adequately prepared to respond to cyber threats?

Cyber Threat Simulation

Game of Threats™ is a digital game that simulates the speed and complexity of a real-world cyber breach to help executives better understand the steps they can take to protect their companies. The game environment creates a realistic experiences where both sides – the company and the attacker, are required to make quick, high impact decisions with minimal information.

PwC’s Cybersecurity experts coach players through realistic scenarios with different types of threat actors and their preferred methodologies, and explain what they can do to better prevent, detect and respond to an attack. 

Features from Game of Threats™


Each team interacts with its own tablet controller, and sees the impact of their decisions in real-time on a shared monitor. Both sides must make careful and strategic decisions in order to win.


Actions are designed around the concept of a shuffles deck of cards, so users encounter different decisions every time they play.

Detailed Summary

Post-game summary provides players with a detailed review of all actions and outcomes for both sides during the game. The company will receive an analysis of gameplay to enable the company to apply lessons learnt during the game to real-world cyber security.

What to expect

  • Learn lessons about your company’s ability to respond to a cyber attack
  • Understand the potential ramifications and remediation options after an attacks
  • Understand what your company can do to prevent an attack
  • Gain insight into the mindset of Threat Actors
  • Learn key cyber security trends and terminology
  • Speak a leadership discussion about your cybersecurity readiness

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