Data and Analytics

Data is a vast and growing asset that many businesses are challenged to transform into a powerful strategic tool.

How do you make sense of the data and unlock its potential to reveal hidden value and new opportunities? Can you trust your data? How do you embed the power of data-driven insights across your organization to make smarter moves?

The answer: transform the way your organisation uses data.


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Data and Analytics - Today and Tomorrow

Are you ready for tomorrow?

A short film showing how the world of data is changing and how organisations can seize the opportunities that data and analytics offer.


How we can help

Smart companies are adopting new approaches to turning data insights into tangible results. From strategy to execution to results, we deliver ‘intelligence in the moment’. Our Analytics team uses different approaches that scale to meet the needs of our clients, including: executive workshops, strategy and innovation pilots, proprietary benchmarks, advanced analytics, analytics apps with data visualisation, and advisory engagements.

PwC’s Data & Analytics capabilities help executives make their decision-making capabilities faster and more sophisticated. Businesses can create competitive advantage by harnessing the power of data and analytics. PwC works with clients to strike the right balance between mind and machine to leverage data, understand risk, and gain a competitive edge.

Learn how our team can help your business with in-depth, innovative solutions.

  • People Analytics
  • Digital Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Risk Assurance Analytics Solutions
  • Health Industries Big Data
  • Tax Data Management and Analytics
  • Deals Data and Analytics

How you can benefit

Data and Analytics is at the core of everything we do as PwC.

We’ll help you enhance the value of data and analytics by integrating business analytics expertise across industries, geographies, and functional competencies.

The results

  1. Closing the gap between ideas and results: Solving complex, ambiguous, non-linear problems with data and analytics, from strategy through execution.
  2. Faster to market: Using data and analytics for speedier insights and the potential to use data-driven insights to take first mover advantage and disrupt your industry.
  3. Practical, executable recommendations: Tight alignment between business objectives and analytical findings leads to practical recommendations, and increases the likelihood that the organisation will embrace the recommendations and taka action.
  4. Greater resilience: Gaining agility in the face of dynamic market forces as a result of using data and analytics intelligently and efficiently
  5. Improved performance: Upgrading essential capabilities by building the systems and tools needed to support data analytics and integrate with existing technologies throughout the organisation.
  6. Intelligence in the moment and a stronger capability for predicting the future: A data and analytics strategy at the core of your operations generating both immediate results for the issue at hand and insights to build upon to anticipate future challenges and opportunities


Data driven decisions for a changing world

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PwC's analytic apps

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