PwC Next Generation Survey 2016

Great expectations: The next generation of family business leaders

Our bi-annual global survey of over 250 next gens delves into the state of these potential family business leaders, their challenges both inside and outside the firm and in the wider business landscape. Much of this comes down to the central theme of ‘expectations’ – what the next gens expect of themselves and their business, and how they expect global trends to evolve, as well as the views of the current generation, which also need to be taken into account, especially in relation to succession.

The Female Perspective

The gender gap in all forms of businesses continues to make the headlines, whether that’s a gap in pay, a gap in participation, or a gap in the numbers of women on boards. So where do family firms fit in? What’s the representation of women in these businesses, and how do the female next gens feel about the prospect of leadership? The report explores these questions in greater detail.

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