Digital Banks get real in Singapore

Crafting the winning strategy | August 2019

Singapore opens doors to digital-only banks

Digital banks are catalysing change across the global banking sector with their keen focus on hyper-personalisation, adoption of new technologies and willingness to embrace new business models. Singapore has jumped into the fray, and the timing is just right. 

Strong differentiators with innovative and unique offering to address consumer pain points will lead the game in the long run. Customer empowerment, product simplicity and speed of execution are features that define successful digital banks. 

The digital banking regime will help to reinforce Singapore as a financial centre. With increased competition, niche customer pain points are likely to be addressed in a timely and sustainable manner through innovative technology platforms. Winning digital banks will put customers at the heart of what they do and be able to offer the intuitive customer journey experience that we have grown used to in today’s digital-first world.

Sam Kok Weng, Financial Services Leader, PwC Singapore

Guiding principles for success 

As organisations weigh their options, we believe the focus should be on addressing key questions anchored on 5 guiding principles.

Who is the target customer?

Digital banking customers will expect hyper-personalised and connected experiences across the end to end journeys to fulfil their needs

What is the customer proposition?

The digital bank proposition will need to align with the organisation's capabilities whilst driving differentiation

Who should we partner with?

Partnering with other organisations is essential to develop ecosystems which can attract customers and deliver end to end customer journeys

What technology is required?

Digital banks need to be built in the cloud with customer-centric systems and data models to enable the agility to meet customers' evolving expectations and needs

How can we install a 'digital' mindset?

To deliver on the digital bank brand and customer proposition, the organisation will need to foster a born in the cloud, digital startup mindset from day 1

New digital banks looking to enter the race in Singapore

It will be a beauty parade of sorts, clearly setting apart potential winners with strong strategies based on cutting-edge market insights and detailed customer journey understanding, unique service offerings and solid foundation cemented by new technologies and financial strength.

Traditional banks facing disruptions from digital banking

Traditional banks can take no more time in shifting focus from products to relevant customer journeys and experiences. It is imperative to consider potential partnerships to acquire, retain and grow customer relationships. Digital fitness will be imperative in the face of unprecedented competition.

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