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Seizing greenfield infrastructure opportunities in ASEAN

Infrastructure Series Report 2

All economies in ASEAN have been focusing their efforts on increasing both private and public sector investments in infrastructure. However, the region’s rapid growth has outpaced its infrastructure development, which has resulted in a huge need for infrastructure investments.
In this second report of our three-part Infrastructure Series, we take a closer look at how various drivers are shaping the pipeline of greenfield infrastructure projects in each ASEAN country. We also assess how the Public Private Partnership (PPP) project pipelines of these countries are shaping up in light of these driving forces.

Understanding the drivers of infrastructure requirements

There are three underlying drivers of infrastructure development and each comes with a set of factors that influence change. Our full report deep dives into how these drivers influence the pipeline of infrastructure projects in ASEAN.


Key sectors and the opportunities within

Here’s an overview of the four overarching sectors and their subsectors across ASEAN economies where infrastructure development and investment opportunities lie. A country-by-country breakdown of selected projects in each sector is further provided in our full report.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

With a significant pipeline of infrastructure projects to implement, many ASEAN governments intend to use PPPs to complement their fiscal resources as well as leverage private sector expertise and efficiencies.

A number of ASEAN economies already have an established PPP ecosystem and more are expected soon. In general, we observe that countries that have a defined process for selection of PPPs have a healthy pipeline.

"Governments across ASEAN are actively pursuing PPPs to mobilise private capital and expertise to achieve their ambitious infrastructure investment targets, close their countries' infrastructure gaps and ultimately catalyse economic development. While we see a deep pipeline of projects in the region, to deliver them, governments must ensure these projects are properly prepared and are supported by a robust PPP framework and ecosystem."

Mark Rathbone, Asia Pacific Capital Projects & Infrastructure Leader, Partner, PwC Singapore


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