BCBS239 Raising the standard

In this report we provide PwC's overall perspectives on how institutions are approaching BCBS239, where supervisors stand in various jurisdictions, and key considerations for moving forward.

Key findings

Based on the current situation related to BCBS239 and the BCB's most recent progress update paper, there are 8 key take-aways for banks to consider:

  • Defining the thresholds for full compliance is an imperative
  • D-SIBs and smaller banks are strongly encouraged to start implementation early
  • Banks must do better around clarity and rationale for compliance scope, including regulatory reporting
  • Clear progress needs to be made towards a strategic risk architecture for full compliance
  • Forward-looking, ad-hoc and dynamic capabilities highlighted with greater emphasis
  • The principles need to be embedded, with clear ownership, throughout the Enterprise
  • Leverage Industry Standards rather than create your own
  • Root-causes analysis is encouraged where banks further delay compliance
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