Asset & Wealth Management 2025

The Asian Awakening

Five trends that will revolutionise the industry

Investor and regulatory scrutiny shifts power to investors

Asset managers will be held up to scrutiny and made accountable for investor suitability and investment advice. This will result in lower fees, increased transparency, and greater investor protection.

A younger generation of tech-savvy investors is entering the scene, demanding cost-cutting solutions and applying pressure to fees and margins

As younger, tech-savvy investors enter the AWM scene, traditional asset & wealth management channels will become near-obsolete and digitised offerings, which integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning, will create differentiated services and more efficient value chains.

Passive strategies, driven by strong equity returns, are gaining favour over active strategies

With investors more price conscious than ever, asset and wealth managers will need to enhance their value offerings by building strong multi-asset solutions that incorporate active and passive strategies. Further, outcome investing strategies, like those incorporating ESG and SRI, are coming to the forefront of investment products.

APAC asset and wealth managers are becoming the new financiers of infrastructure and real estate projects

Growing urbanisation and aging populations across APAC are leading to new opportunities for asset and wealth managers who will be integral to developing solutions to support the financing and investment needs of these populations.

Financial integration across developed markets is driving the region to become more cooperative and inter-connected

New investment structures that facilitate cross-border investments, such as fund product development; marketing; and cross-border distribution, will deepen financial integration across developed markets and drive the region to be more cooperative and inter-connected.

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