Beyond COVID-19: Fit For Rebound in the Healthcare Sector

Many changes have taken place as a result of COVID-19. These changes have reshaped day-to-day realities for patients, health workers and healthcare organisations.

Which of these changes are here to stay, and how should senior healthcare leaders rethink and realign their strategy in the "new normal"?

Our Fit For Rebound framework provides a simple 3-step approach to help healthcare leaders work through these questions and more, and lead their organisation to rebound stronger post-COVID-19.

Fit For Rebound Framework

1 Identify

Take a position on the most profound permanent or structural shifts in your geographies, sectors, clients, people, and assess the impact on your organisation and ambitions.

2 Ideate

Determine a rough timeline for the economy where you’re operating to move from “Explosive” to "Managing" and "Controlled" state. Then imagine what bold, wise decisions would you want to have taken in anticipation of the new normal?

3 Initiate

Establish a "Fit for Rebound" programme to deliver on those decisions. Radically reassess your priorities, organisation, assets, projects, policies, cost base, projections, policies, and culture.

What are the profound and permanent directional shifts impacting the healthcare industry?

1Digital technologies reshape healthcare delivery e.g. virtual consultation, remote monitoring
2Patients seek convenience, safety and improved experience, and are becoming tentatively open to data sharing & technology
3Cost optimisation, provider consolidation & value-based care emerges in the wake of COVID-19 funding gaps
4Supply chain traceability & reliability demands drive new supply chain sourcing strategies/ distributor partnerships
5Regulatory shifts encourage uptake of digital services, data analytics, rapid clinical trials, Real World Evidence
6Stressed and stretched management, clinical, admin and facilities workforce
7Explosion of cross-sector deals and strategic partnerships offering online to offline healthcare services

What are the bold decisions you need to make to rebound as a healthcare provider?

  • Telehealth and end-to-end virtual consultation
  • Remote patient management e.g. through wearables, remote sensors
  • Operational productivity and asset flexibility
  • Virtual Reality-enabled knowledge sharing and customisation
  • Multi-dimensional data and insights provision
  • Hospitals/Clinics as lifestyle centers

What are the 5 steps you can take to start your own Fit for Rebound programme?

1Develop an Agile Strategy
2Double Down on Differentiating Post-crisis Capabilities
3Sustain without Sacrificing the Recovery
4Pivot for the New Normal
5Accelerate Cultural Revolution

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