Managing Upstream Risk

PwC’s Regulatory Reform Review: An Asian perspective

October 2015

What to look forward to in the October 2015 issue:

  • MAS proposes the removal of the DBU/ACU divide for banks, citing its decreasing relevance in an increasingly globalised regulatory environment
  • FSB has published its 9th progress report on the implementation of OTC derivatives market reforms, outlining the status of such reforms globally
  • CBRC issues measures on liquidity risk management, outlining that banks should have effective liquidity risk management structures
  • MAS releases a guidance on trade finance and correspondent banking, two areas identified where more robust AML/CFT controls are required
  • PBoC moves to regulate non-bank third party payment systems, by issuing a consultation on how to better protect against the risks of such systems
  • IAIS develops Higher Loss Absorbency Requirements for Global Systematically Important Insurers, a step towards develop risk-based global insurance capital standards



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