Building resilience and emerging stronger

webinar series by PwC Singapore

Session & date Topic
Session 1:
Wed, 24 June
Adjusting to the New Normal at the Workplace
Session 2:
Wed, 22 July
Fit for Rebound - Three steps to emerge stronger
Session 3:
Tues, 28 July
COVID-19 and response from the Higher Education Sector
Session 4:
Wed, 5 August
Building Global Business Services (GBS) resilience in an abnormal world 
Details and agenda of each webinar session:

Adjusting to the New Normal at the Workplace 

Wednesday, 24 June 2020 | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM (Singapore)

Re-opening of business in post-COVID world needs to balance operational effectiveness with the necessary requirements to manage health and safety, operate in new and evolving ways, embracing a new mix of technology and facilities, aligning policies and procedures empathetically, while reinforcing leadership behaviors through open and constant communication of change. Getting it right can energise and create a wave of positive momentum that can enable organisational success. 

Please join us to hear our  experts in People & Organisation and Global Mobility Services share insights from across the region on Adjusting to the new normal at Work.

In this Webinar, we will explore:
  • The top issues faced by organisations today due to COVID-19
  • The decision criteria to evaluate prior to bringing back subsets of the workforce into the office
  • The tools and solutions available to organisations in managing the ‘new normal’ 
Who should attend:
  • CHROs
  • HR Practitioners in Management Roles
1:30 PM Introduction - Navigating the complexities of the ‘new normal’
Martijn Schouten, Southeast Asia People & Organisation Leader, PwC Singapore
1:40 PM Practical workplace considerations for returning to work
Martijn Schouten, Southeast Asia People & Organisation Leader, PwC Singapore
Rani Sakaya Johns, Partner, PwC Global Mobility Services - Asia, PwC Singapore
2:00 PM Discussion with Guest speaker on practical workplace considerations to run BAU scenarios
2:15 PM Q&A and Closing

Fit for Rebound - Three steps to emerge stronger 

Wednesday, 22 July 2020 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Singapore)

In the wake of COVID-19, companies across South East Asia face changing market dynamics and new ways of doing business. The actions you take now are critical for the future success of your business. But what are those actions?

Our Fit for Rebound approach offers a clear path to emerging stronger from the COVID-19 crisis by helping you reassess strategic priorities across the value chain to thrive in the new normal.

Please join us to discuss three steps you can take so that your organisation can emerge stronger from the crisis. 

In this Webinar, we will explore:
  • Identify: the most structural and permanent shifts, and what they will mean to your organisation. 
  • Ideate and imagine this new normal has arrived; what bold, smart decisions would want to have taken for your organisation? How will you have radically reassessed priorities, assets, projects, or policies?
  • Initiate a comprehensive plan for your strategy, capabilities, cost structure, organisation, and people, to make your organisation Fit for Rebound

COVID-19 and response from the Higher Education Sector

Tuesday, 28 July | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (Malaysia/Singapore) | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam)

The spread of COVID-19 has necessitated a range of extraordinary responses by states and education institutions, from travel restrictions to campus shutdowns. Prolonged crisis and recovery periods will drive greater localisation, online learning and financial austerity. Education institutions in “returning back to campus” must focus on both short and long term challenges.

The webinar will bring together leaders from global universities and institutes of higher learning to share insights and discuss leading practices.

In this Webinar, we will explore:
  • Digitalisation and online learning
  • Impact on domestic and international students
  • Innovation and research in the ‘new normal’
Who should attend:
  • Leaders of Universities and Higher Education
2:00 PM Introduction
Tristan Hockley (Partner, Education Leader),
Joseph Ho (Director, Strategy&)
2:05 PM Digitalisation and online learning
Mr. Mark Roberts, Associate Dean of Executive Education, INSEAD Global Business School
2:20 PM Impact on domestic and international students
Mr. Neil Robinson, Head of Operational Performance, University of Melbourne
2:35 PM Innovation and research in the ‘new normal’
Professor Dr. Abdul Harris, Vice Rector, Research and Innovation, University of Indonesia
2:50 PM Q&A and Closing

Building Global Business Services (GBS) resilience in an abnormal world

Wednesday, 5 August 2020 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Singapore)

The COVID crisis will have a deep and lasting impact on GBS organisations. On one hand, it has raised questions on the productivity of GBS organisations and the ability to work remotely. On the other hand, the WFH experience has proven that most activities within any organisation can be performed remotely, and the automation agenda has never been such a priority. 

In this session we will look at the impact of COVID on existing and new GBS organisations, and the call to action to transform to the new ways of working.

In this Webinar, we will explore:
  • Industry perspective on COVID impact on GBS organisations
  • Our point of view of what GBS will look like post-COVID
  • How you can prepare for the future
Who should attend:
  • GBS / SSC / BPO Heads and Team Leads
  • Management from organisations with existing GBS operations - both captive and outsourced
  • Management from organisations thinking about GBS - both captive and outsourced
11:00 AM Introduction
Marc Philipp, South East Asia Management Consulting Leader, PwC Singapore
11:05 AM GBS industry view - Pre and Post Covid
Ivan Phuah, South East Asia Shared Services and Outsourcing Lead, PwC Singapore
11:15 AM How to prepare for the future
James Findlay, Connected Performance Lead, PwC Singapore; Ashwani Kohli, Connected Digital Enterprise Lead, PwC Singapore;  Jie Hong Liao, Tax and Transfer Pricing, PwC Singapore
11:35 AM Q&A
11:45 AM Closing
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