Japan-ASEAN Deals Operating Team (JADOT)


In recent years, there has been increasing M&A activity with Japanese companies in ASEAN, mostly involving small and mid-sized deals. Japanese companies have been quick to capitalise on the opportunities presented by Southeast Asia as an increasingly integrated region, and are also strategic in their investment into Southeast Asia.

Issues and Challenges

Management Governance

  • Are your company’s corporate strategy and KPIs shared and understood well among the headquarter and subsidiaries?
  • Is your company inefficient in decision making with minimal delegation of authority?

Business Strategy

  • Are your products not localised enough to penetrate lower & middle class consumer market?
  • Are you finding it difficult to develop access to local clients due to a lack of resources?
  • Is your company losing its cost advantage due to a rise in labour cost / raw material cost?


  • Are your operations inefficient due to a huge volume of paperwork and poor infrastructure?
  • Are your local IT systems not meeting reporting requirements for the headquarter?
  • Are you facing a high turnover rate of local staff?

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About us

JADOT is a team exclusively supporting Japanese companies with their M&A activities in ASEAN countries.

Our team consists of Japanese senior professionals with specialties in deal strategy, corporate finance, restructuring, PMI and infrastructure.

We are based in Singapore and closely collaborate with PwC offices in Southeast Asia.

Our Service Offerings

We help Japanese companies capitalise on M&A opportunities and infrastructure projects in the Southeast Asia region. Our service offerings include pre-deal to post deal services, deal execution, capital projects and infrastructure.


  • Market study / market entry strategy planning
  • Acquisition & divestment strategy planning
  • M&A target sourcing

Deal execution

  • Due diligence  (Financial /Tax/Business/HR /IT)
  • Structuring advisory
  • Valuation & Modelling
  • Negotiation support on terms & conditions
  • Assessment on expected synergy /dis-synergy


  • Deal closing review
  • Planning & monitoring of  PMI processes (in short-/long-term)
  • Post-deal assessment on value created by M&A

Capital projects & infrastructure

  • Market study / Feasibility study
  • Public Private Partnership advisory
  • Project structuring & finance advisory
  • Deal advisory

Our people

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Kazuyoshi Nishitani

Partner, Deal Strategy, JADOT Leader, Singapore, PwC Singapore

+65 8876 2076


Michio Ikeda

Director, Mergers & Acquisition Restructuring, Singapore, PwC Singapore

+65 6236 7664


Satoshi Takesada

Senior Manager, Capital Projects & Infrastructure, Singapore

+65 8876 7549


Daisuke Nodera

Senior Manager, Corporate Finance, Singapore

+65 8876 3107


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Kazuyoshi Nishitani

Partner, Deal Strategy, JADOT Leader, PwC Singapore

Tel: +65 8876 2076

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Ong Chao Choon

Advisory Leader, PwC Singapore

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Ling Tok Hong

Deals Leader, PwC Singapore

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