PwC's Whole Leadership Award

The PwC’s Whole Leadership Award is about identifying young aspiring leaders by providing a 10-weeks internship, tailored mentorship and token of monetary reward during university. The skill sets, knowledge and relationships you’ll build with us will benefit you for life.

What would you gain from this award?

Through this internship programme, we hope that you will get an immersive learning experience in PwC. This will be an opportunity to learn about what we do behind the scenes, so that you can choose the career path that best suits you.

Foundation level

  • Through your strong foundation in university where you will have qualities like analytical skills, logical reasoning and ability to relate and interpret complex things in a concise manner.

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Learning & Development

  • Awardees will gain insight and exposure through projects during their internship.
  • Through the internship and mentorship session with the coaching team, you will also analyse yourself and identify your strong and development areas.
  • Develop EQ skills required to better understand, motivate, empathize and work together with other team members.

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  • Apart from internship, be involved in PwC various activities to mingle and build relationship. Eg. Corporate social responsibility, PwC run, TGIF and various networking events

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On top of that, we hope that we are your employer of choice through the relationships developed, the experience and the fun that you had. Depending on your performance during your Summer Internship, and the needs of the business, you may be offered a permanent role with PwC as an Associate.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the PwC's Whole Leadership Award, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Accountancy, Business or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic/Science) Undergraduates pursuing a full-time degree program at a local university
  • Applicants must not have commenced, be involved or completed internship/work attachment at the point of application
  • Undergraduates must have completed the following year of studies:
    • Completed year 1 of a 3 year program
    • Completed year 2 of a 4 year program

How can you stand out?

As this is a whole leadership award, we are looking for someone who shows exemplary performance not only in grades but someone with personal skills, leadership ability and passion. In PwC, we assess candidates based on our PwC Professional – Global leadership framework.

It’s not just about academic achievement - show us what makes you stand out!

Your application should highlight:
  • Excellent grades across all subjects at school – To upload your degree audit with your resume when creating a workday account
  • Leadership ability shown in university/extracurricular activities
  • A positive attitude, problem solving abilities and willingness to learn - tell us what your key achievements have been so far!
  • Internship experience/case competitions etc.
  • Aspirations –your career goals and motivations, why PwC?

Application timeline


How to apply for PwC’s Whole Leadership Award

  1. Apply online and complete the application form (simply upload your detailed CV and degree audit!)
    Click here to go to the job board, then type "PwC Whole Leadership Award - 2020 Intake" in the job board and click on the magnifying glass
  2. No more psychometric tests! Instead, complete a series of engaging and fun online games that will assess cognitive, behavioural and emotional traits and giving us a little more insight into you as a person and where you’ll thrive the most in our business. You’ll also receive a traits report so you can learn more about yourself as well.
  3. Selected students will be invited to do a video introduction 
  4. You might need to do a case study for some of our technology roles.
  5. Selected students will be offered either our year-end or mid year internship programme
  6. Offer and on-boarding

Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin so that you will receive an update when we kick-start our application.

Hear from our awardees...

Avril Bin

Avril Bin, RMIT University
(2018 awardee)
Intern, Tax

"The PwC internship program has opened a window of opportunity for me to experience and better observe the inner workings of the firm. The coaching culture is one that I am sure every intern would appreciate. It transcends from the formal mentor and mentee system that the firm has in place for all new hires including us interns!"

Lum Dong Yee

Lum Dong Yee, Singapore Management University (2018 awardee)
Intern, Financial Services Assurance

“My PwC internship has been an invaluable learning opportunity made possible by the wonderful colleagues I worked with. Their willingness to guide and trust me with meaningful work was essential to advancing myself professionally”

Anchit Kher

Anchit Kher, Singapore Management University (2017 awardee)
Senior Associate, Management Consulting

“My PwC internship helped me realise and showed me how a strong coaching culture can help me navigate through intense projects and offered great exposure to different industries and areas of work”

Jerwin Antony

Jerwin Antony, University of London
(2016 awardee)
Senior Associate, Management Consulting

“My PwC internship was defined by the amazing people I worked with, who guided and enabled me to achieve my career potential. The strong coaching culture here between mentor and mentee is something that I admire.”

Michael Wong

Michael Wong, Singapore Management University (2016 awardee)
Senior Associate, Risk Consulting

“The PwC's Whole Leadership Award has helped me to jumpstart my career and motivated me to live up to the values of a PwC Professional”

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