EnterpriseSG-PwC Financial Management Masterclass for SMEs

Next programme date: 6, 10 & 11 January 2023 (3 days)

Course objectives

  • Increase the financial literacy and financial management capabilities of SME owners and SME business leaders
  • Provide assistance on how SME owners and SME business leaders can get their companies into a better financial standing
  • Raise the level of awareness of how SME owners and SME business leaders can access different forms of capital for their financing needs

Benefits of Attending

The PwC Financial Management Masterclass for Singapore SME Business Owners and SME business leaders is designed by and developed by PwC and supported by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) to help Singapore SME business owners and business leaders understand and acquire effective Financial Management skills to help them strategize and grow their business.

This intensive workshop will help SME business owners build and sharpen their financial management capabilities. It will dive into key areas such as raising debt & equity financing and unlocking cash for the business in order to build greater resilience for the business.

This programme will also feature a number of panel discussions and fireside chats with experienced practitioners from banking and financial institutions, as well as successful SME business owners and CFOs with SME experience. 

Course overview

Equip yourself with key skills needed in the finance function

Increase the financial literacy and financial management capabilities of SME owners and business leaders and provide assistance on how their companies can get into a better financial standing.

Raise the level of awareness of how SME owners and business leaders can access different forms of capital for their financing needs.

Tap into a valuable professional network

This programme will feature a number of panel discussions and fireside chats with experienced practitioners from banking and financial institutions, as well as successful SME business owners and CFOs with SME experience.

Make use of SkillsFuture Singapore subsidy schemes

Receive reimbursement from SkillsFuture Singapore subsidy schemes. For non-SME companies and individuals (Singaporeans / PRs below 40 years old), 70% of your course fee could be subsidised. For SMEs and individuals (Singaporeans / PRs above 40 years old), the subsidy increases to 90%.

Course programme

Please refer to detailed schedule below for the 3-day programme. Contact us below for more information.

Understanding how lenders view your company - finance fundamentals for SMEs

Topic Outline

Why financial statements matter and how to understand them

Who are the users?

  • Why financial statements matter?

The components of financial statements:

  • Understanding the balance sheet
  • Understanding the income statement
  • Understanding the cash flow statement

Business analysis

How to use financial statements for decision making

  • Know how to interpret financial statements and analyse business using 7-step approach
  • Be familiar with financial ratios: profitability; liquidity; solvency; leverage

ESG special: Lunch and Learn

Insights from banks/ lenders/ investors – Session 1

Funding through the lens of a lender - raising debt finance
  • How a lender decides whether to grant or reject a loan request
  • Common reasons for loan rejections
  • Understanding the restructuring and refinancing of loans and its impact on companies

PwC special: Fireside chat with CFOs/ founders double hatting as CFOs

CFOs/ Founders double hatting as CFOs with SME experience will share insights on the importance of having a CFO, the role they play in the fund raising process and answer any burning questions.

Financing strategies for SMEs - through the lens of an investor

Topic Outline

Nailing the fundamental
concepts of finance - Part 1

  • Revenue recognition
  • Impairment of receivables and property, plant and equipment
  • Going concern
  • Profit PlusTM board game

Through the lens of an investor - financing strategies and access to equity capital

  • Raising finance from investors:
  • Overview of sources of financing
  • Investment filters and metrics
  • Financial projections and valuations

ESG special: Lunch and Learn

Insights from banks/ lenders/ investors – Session 2

Investment and fund raising

  • Financing with debt vs equity
  • Impact of debt on business and how to use debt effectively
  • Fundraising and investment process for financing

PwC special: Fireside chat with valuation and M&A experts

The art and science of valuation, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Unlocking Ca$h | Finance concepts | Warning signals

Topic Outline

Nailing the fundamental
concepts of finance - Part 2

  • Accruals
  • What is a group?
  • More concepts – materiality; consistency
  • Goodwill
  • Intangible assets such as intellectual property
  • Research and development

Working capital management

- Unlocking Ca$h for your business

  • Cash management
  • Receivables management
  • Payables management
  • Inventory management

PwC special: Lunch and Learn

Tax 101 highlights

Corporate bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Overview - Why companies go into liquidation?
  • How to avoid moving into liquidation
  • What to do when facing potential insolvency?

Cash forecasting and budgeting

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Creating budgets and understanding variances

Understanding the difference between cash flow and profit

  • Understanding the difference between profit and cash flow
  • Understand why cash is king!

Warning signals

  • Uncover and appreciate what some of the clear warning signals are in financial statements

Subject experts and trainers

Anthony Moore

Programme Director and Chief Trainer

Anthony Moore has more than 20 years of experience advising clients on their financial and communications training strategy across a broad range of industries. To date, Tony has conducted training for more than 12,000 participants in finance and working capital management over a span of more than 20 years at PwC Singapore.

Tony is one of PwC’s leading workshop facilitators for both face to face training and virtual learning and has designed and facilitated workshops successfully in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, France, USA, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Dubai, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Teo Chee Kiong


Chee Kiong has more than 13 years of M&A experience across the deal continuum. He has extensive experience in the private equity market in Southeast Asia. He also spent two years with PwC Australia and three years in the private equity sector.  

Chee Kiong has supported large and mid-tiers private equity and corporate clients in their investment and sale process. The deals he has involved range from privatisation, leverage/management buy-out, minority stake investments and credit deals.

He holds Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Finance from National University of Singapore. He is a Chartered Accountant in Singapore and Fellow member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK).

Sim Hwee Hong


Hwee Hong is a PwC Singapore Partner specialising in merger and acquisition advisory and has extensive cross border deals experience having spent 8 years in New York, 5 years in China and most recently, 2 years in Japan in our respective Deals teams. Hwee Hong is focused on guiding our clients’ through the M&A transaction process, performing financial and operational due diligence reviews, carve-out advisory, business plan reviews, business valuation considerations, assistance with deal structuring, post-deal transitional issues and advising on purchase price adjustment and completion matters.

Christopher Tan


Christopher is a Partner within PwC Singapore Deals Valuation and Accounting Advisory where he also leads the specialist Sale and Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) services in Singapore. Christopher has over 18 years of professional experience in providing audit and advisory related services.

He advises clients on complex accounting and valuation matters, such as those relating to business combinations, structuring of acquisition debt/equity instruments, purchase price allocation exercise, intellectual property valuation, goodwill impairment test and application of IFRS.

Christopher provides buy side and sell side advice on SPAs to both corporate and private equity clients and regularly conducts accounting and valuation training both internally and externally.

Colin Lew


Colin is a Senior Manager in PwC Singapore’s valuations advisory team. He has worked with various clients undertaking projects spanning M&A valuation, impairment testing, stock option valuation, litigation support and purchase price allocations (PPA). He has been with PwC Singapore for more than 7 years and has worked with various clients in Singapore and abroad.

Colin graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Marketing. Colin is a specialist in valuation and has worked with his clients on numerous M&A deals, including cross-border deals with targets in Asia Pacific, South East Asia, Europe and the United States.

*Trainers' involvement in each workshop is subject to availability and PwC reserves the right to change the appointed trainers at its own discretion.

Masterclass feedback from SME Owners, CEOs, CFOs ...

  • Very interesting course. Trainers made a dry topic interesting and bearable. Enjoyed the 3 days workshop
  • Overall a very good course and would recommend it to others
  • Good exercise to try and understand companies based on financial statements/figures
  • Card game gives a very simplified explanation on how we can separate the financial entries between balance and Income statements
  • It was an excellent way to understand the business items because it was visually presented
Average overall rating for masterclass
Average overall rating of the trainers

Course fees

Applicant profile Singapore Citizens aged between 21 to 39 years old / Permanent Residents aged 21 and above Singapore citizens aged 40 and above
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
(SME-sponsored Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents)
Non-Singaporeans /Non- Permanent Residents
Subsidy Category & Amount Up to 50% of course fees Up to 70% of course fees Up to 70% of course fees Full course fee, no SkillsFuture funding
Full course fee $1,300.00 $1,300.00 $1,300.00 $1,300.00
SkillsFuture funding $650.00 $910.00 $910.00 -
Nett Course fee $650.00 $390.00 $390.00 $1,300.00
GST 8% (on Full course fee) $104.00 $104.00 $104.00 $104.00
Payable course fee (Including 8% GST) $754.00 $494.00 $494.00 $1,404.00

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