PwC's Academy - Customised programme

At PwC our focus is creating value for you. Our custom-built solutions will respond to your organisation's needs and equip your colleagues and employees with knowledge and skills they can apply on their first day back on the job.

All of the courses offered as public seminars can be run in-house, in addition to those workshops listed below. This can be more cost effective for businesses when a number of participants need training. It also enables some customisation of course material. Please contact us for further details.

Workshop title Overview Duration
Accounting Comes Alive
Facilitator: Mark Robilliard
Color Accounting is a revolutionary new way of quickly and easily understanding financial information in one day. It uses diagrams and logical colors to show graphically how accounting works. It builds a potent model of how business works. The result is your employees will use a common language, understand where they fit in, and know how they impact profitability. In the end they will make better business decisions. 1
Accounting for Investments Made Easy
Facilitators: Chen Voon Hoe and Senthilnathan Sampath
This half-day workshop provides insights and practical tools to increase participants’ understanding of these instruments and its impact on their financial statements. ½
Capital Raising and its Accounting Implication
Facilitators: Chen Voon Hoe and Senthilnathan Sampath
This half-day workshop provides insights and practical tools to increase the participant’s understanding of capital raising. Learning is achieved via theory, examples and real-life case studies. ½
Essentials of Budgeting and Forecasting
Facilitator: Jerome Song
This workshop equips participants with skills to understand and implement budgets within an organisation. Participants will learn how to prepare and present a proposed budget and then monitor and control actual revenue and expenses against projected revenue and expenses throughout the period. 1
Finance for Non-Financial Professionals
Facilitator: Anthony Moore
This workshop provides basic financial principles and cover generic financial management tools necessary for decision making. 2 - 3
Getting the most from Hedge Accounting
Facilitators: Chen Voon Hoe and Peter Tan
This workshop provides insights and practical tools to increase the participant’s understanding of hedging and hedge accounting. 1
Introduction to Financial Modelling
Facilitators: Oliver Redrup
With a good understanding of the key steps involved in financial modelling, participants will be able to build a well-structured and robust model and use it to solve important business problems. This workshop will cover the basic financial modelling principles, best practices in financial modelling and excel functions frequently used in models. 1-2
Workshop title Overview Duration
IFRS Essentials for Investment funds
Facilitators: Senthilnathan Sampath and Armin Choksey
This workshop provides you with an understanding of such standards as well as their recent updates, and how they should be applied. 1
Workshop title Overview Duration
Customs 101
Facilitators: Frank Debets and Alex Saborio
Many businesses operating in Asia Pacific choose to have their logistics service provider handle customs formalities at overseas borders; relying on their operational knowledge and relationships with customs officials. However LSPs often lack technical training and the legal responsibility for customs compliance remains with the owner of the goods. This two day workshop will allow attendees to clearly understand and be able to detect the risks and improvement in their operations. 2
Singapore withholding tax obligations and implications
This workshop will address the common issues related to withholding tax and provide guidance on when a payment will be deemed sourced in Singapore and therefore subject to withholding tax.  1
Tax Accounting & Deferred Taxes
Facilitators: Huang Meiqi and Kalpana Srivastava
Preparation is the key to stay on the top of more complex processes such as completing a tax accounting package as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Our tax accounting specialists will go beyond the basics to share with you real life issues and solutions through a half day workshop. ½
Tax Risk Management
Facilitators: Yong Jiahao
In the workshop, our experts on tax risk management will share not only a comprehensive practical approach in these areas but also real life case studies. ½
Workshop title Overview Duration
Cyber Risk Management Training

Cyber risk management training is conducted with the objective to understand the concepts and components of the risk management framework as well as how cyber security risks affect management's decision making process.

2 hours
Enterprise Risk Management
Facilitators: Alywin Teh and Ow Li Ying

Enterprise risk management is a comprehensive, systematic approach for helping the organisation to identify, measure, prioritise and respond to the risks challenging its most critical objectives and related projects, initiatives and day-to-day operating practices.

Essentials of a Successful Business Continuity Management (BCM) Framework Implementation
Facilitator: Jenny Tan
In this full-day workshop, participants will come to appreciate the existence of BCM and feel the impact of unpreparedness and the importance of having BCM during the desktop simulation exercise. 1
Internal Control & Fraud Awareness
Facilitator: Anthony Moore
This course is your first building block in a strong structure called internal control that allows you to achieve your business, financial reporting and compliance objectives. Course material is based on a strong methodology grounded in regulations associated with Corporate Governance and the COSO framework. 2
Workshop title Overview Duration
Data analytics for Internal Auditors
Facilitators: Andre Tan and Loo Soo Kiat
This workshop will cover the considerations of coming up with your vision and the steps you might take to bring it to fruition.This includes identifying where in the entire IA lifecycle data is relevant, through to the steps needed to build the data capability within your function. 1
Data Analytics through Visualisation
Facilitators: Loo Soo Kiat and Raja Balaraman
This course will take you through how data visualisation can help to analyse data. We will provide step by step guidance during our hands on exercises covering popular data visualisation tools in the market. 1
Workshop title Overview Duration
Connecting Minds@Work
Facilitator: Jerome Song
This workshop aims to facilitate your understanding of how thinking and behaviour affect the work environment. You will learn how to leverage your own strengths and appreciate what others uniquely bring to the group. 1
ENS Professional Negotiation (Level 1)
Workshop leader: Anthony Moore
The ENS Professional Negotiation (Level 1) workshop of the ENS Advanced Negotiation and Influencing Series is a fast paced and intensive 2 day workshop designed to build your negotiation and influencing capabilities through hands-on experiential exercises. 2 or 3
ENS Strategic Negotiation (Level 2)
Workshop leader: Anthony Moore
The ENS Strategic Negotiation (Level 2) workshop of the ENS Advanced Negotiation and Influencing Series builds on the skills gained during the Professional Negotiation workshop (Level 1). This empowering and intensive 2 day workshop will allow you to simplify complex negotiations. 2
ENS Expert Negotiation (Level 3)
Workshop leader: Anthony Moore
The ENS Expert Negotiation (Level 3) workshop of the ENS Advanced Negotiation and Influencing Series concentrates on in-depth coaching and mentoring across 2 intensive days. This workshop builds on the skills gained during the Professional & Strategic Negotiation workshops (Level 1 & 2). 2
Effective Personal Productivity
Facilitator: Jerome Song
This workshop equips participants with skills to establish routines, set personal goals, plan and prioritize things, stay more focused to accomplish targets, create an efficient environment and use practical, take away tools for maximizing personal productivity. 1
Innovation & Design Thinking
Facilitator: Christoffer Erichsen
Learn how to imagine, co-create and prototype new products, services, strategies, and business models that build on deep insights from human needs.  1/2 - 3
Think on your feet for finance professionals
Facilitator: Anthony Moore
In today’s fast-paced business environment characterised by information overload and high opportunity costs for time, getting your ideas across clearly, concisely and persuasively is a skill financial professionals can’t do without. “Think on Your Feet®” will equip you with these skills that are a must as finance professionals: clarity, brevity and impact in communicating your ideas. 2